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Volume issues with Android

Volume issues with Android

Since there has been the volume issue with Spotify 2.7, lots of people started noticing for the first time that the volume on Android is to low. Now with Spotify 2.8, everybody thinks that this is solved. Sadly, no one seem to notice that it isn't. Yes, the volume went back to a better level with 2.8 BUT Spotify on Android has always been to quiet! And it still is! I have noticed it for the first time 2 months ago, as i tried out Google Play Music and immediately did notice the difference. I searched the web for reports, but nobody seemed to notice this issue. I'm still using Spotify because it has a way better UI than any other App but i don't understand where this issue is coming from and why it doesn't semms to be adressed as an issue for Spotify.

People from the community: Please stop running around in the forums telling everyvody that the issue is fixed with 2.8! It isn't!

Just compare a Song to Google Play Music and you will hear the difference immediately!

I want an answer from Spotify! Why is this huge issue not adressed?
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