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Volume jumps to max randomly

Volume jumps to max randomly


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Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

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Android/MIUI 14.0.1


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Ever since 07.09.23 (1 week before posting this), my Spotify has loved to randomly jump to max volume every 5-10 songs. This happens whenever I listen using earphones plugged with a USB-C to Audio adaptor. The volume changes back to normal (e.g. 50%) as soon as I press the volume button.


I tried turning off "Normalise Volume" and back on again. Neither helped. Then, after reading a pre-existing unresolved thread, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify, and even restarting my device. It didn't work.

In fact, the jumps happens more often (almost always) and even when not wearing any earphones. Now, also, the volume bursts to max for the split-second after I press play from pause, sometimes. I also tried deleting the cache twice and it did not do anything.


I tested this on both a laptop and a friend's phone, and the issue is not present in both. Additionally, this doesn't happen with a different music player, only Spotify. The glitch also doesn't happen if I manually press "next song", only when the song ends by itself. Most likely this is an issue with the phone.


Can anyone please help me? The only thing I had done before this happened was save to Liked Songs and download a Source Direct song. I have two videos showing this glitch.

For anyone in Spotify, I spoke with Faith, and this is my reference number:


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