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Volume keeps changing on my Samsung Galaxy 5 S without me touching it

Volume keeps changing on my Samsung Galaxy 5 S without me touching it

This is a super annoying problem.  When I go running and listen to my Spotify playlist with my Samsung Galaxy S5 the song volumes constantly go all the way to 0 or all the way up to 10 without me touching anything on the phone.  This happens whether there are apps running in the background or not.  I went to Verizon wireless to find out if it was an issue with the device, but they claim it's a Spotify issue, and all I needed to do was uninstall and re-install Spotify, which I did.  It worked well for a few days, then today the issue started all over again.


What can I do to fix this?  I'm a Premium customer.



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Do you have an equaliser app installed? I do seem to recall some previous reports of this, all seem to be with Samsung. Can you try a clean install again but follow the guide in my signature add it contains some additional steps?

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Thanks Daniel, I'll try that out!

I had the same problem with my s4 and tried every trick I found on the Internet but nothing fixed it.  I then remembered the problem began the same day I got new earbuds.  I went back to my old set and haven't had the problem since.

OMG, I am so happy I saw this post because now I realize that b4 when I used other ear phones I did NOT have this problem until I changed my earphones/earbugs to the ones that came with the s5. I will definitely use some other ones tonight during my workout. Just kinda sad because the sound quality in the S5 earbuds is Amazing (when It's not constantly going up & down on it's own). Back to the cheap ones that caused no issues.

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