Waiting for download and music stop playing after ~3 seconds


Waiting for download and music stop playing after ~3 seconds




Im using Spotify on androind and it was working fine untill I opened web player via Chrome and added some new songs to my liked list. 

I noticed that the songs were not synchonizing with my phone app, so I manually went and added them again on the phone. Since then I have a problem that no songs can be downloaded as I have stuck on "Waiting to download", and whenever I try to play any songs it stops after 1-4 seconds.


I tried uninstalling Spotify on my phone, restarting the phone, installing it, restaring phone again, and then log in - but no result.

I tried instlling spotify and deleating all app and cache data via Anroind phone apps settings - but no result.

I tried force logging out from all devices via Chrome web settings - but no result.


Here on this forum everyone was always saying to remove the phone from "offline devices, https://www.spotify.com/account/offline-devices/, but such link does not work anymore.


I can still play spotify via web browser and on other devices just fine, but on my main android phone i run out of ideas on how to 'unstuck it' and make it play again.