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Waiting to download issue-Moto G7

Waiting to download issue-Moto G7






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I have succesfully created a playlist on my Aspire V15 laptop downloaded from local files. There is a green arrow that says it's downloaded. My phone is on the same wifi network as my laptop. I see the files ready to download on my phone but they are greyed out and it says "waiting to download".  I have searched this forum and tried everything but I cannot get them to download.  I have reinstalled, turned off antivirus, gave all permissions for Spotify on my phone, rebooted everything but still won't download. I am a new free trial premium user, but that shouldn't make a difference. Please help.

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Anybody out there that can help or point me in the right direction?  Without the ability to download to my phone there's no point in using the paid version.  Thanks in advance.


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