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Wear OS Default Playback Device?

Wear OS Default Playback Device?






Galaxy Watch 4 Bluetooth + Galaxy S20 Phone

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Wear OS 3


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Is there a way to set the default playback device on Spotify Wear OS app? I mostly use the watch app outputting to my stereo which works great if I start playback on my phone. If I use Google Assistant on the watch and say ”Play ___” it opens the Bluetooth select screen, basically insisting I pair headphones I don't have. If I swipe out of that, it goes to the regular Spotify screen, but does not update the track to my request (showing the last song played still instead), so I'm not given the opportunity to select the output speaker for the requested song. If it defaulted to the watch speaker, it would start playing and I could change it to my stereo or Alexa, but because it defaults to headphones I don't have and then disregards my request when I close the Bluetooth pairing screen I'm simply unable to tell Google Assistant to play a song on Wear OS entirely.


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