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What happen to local files if premium plan runs out?

What happen to local files if premium plan runs out?



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Hey there, i currently use the spotify free plan. Therefore, I can´t play local files on my android smartphone. I am desperate to play my loal music on android with spotify. Thats why I probadly will try out the 30 days for free offer, import the files on pc and download them to my smartphone. But my question is now: What happens to the imported and downloaded local files after this 30 days? Will I be able to continue streaming them or is a premium plan required for that? 



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Hey @RobertLee-95, welcome to the Community.

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Once your Premium subscription runs out, you'll lose all the Premium features, that means that all downloaded songs won't be available for offline listening and local files won't be available on your mobile but you can play them on your dekstop app.

You can learn more about Spotify Premium features here.

Hope it helps 🙂

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