Where did the All Songs option go? [Version: Android]

Where did the All Songs option go? [Version: Android]





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I can no longer find the All Songs option on my spotify app since the latest update.  This feature used to pull all songs across all Albums, Artists and Songs.  Has this feature been removed or moved elsewhere in the app?  Thanks


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They removed that feature because they are idiots is the simple answer.

They made a playlist called "Liked songs" where the songs you individualy like go. So albums you like do not go there. You need to go to each album, press a drop down menu, then click "like all songs" for them to show up. That does not work for me, but it might for you.


Again, they are idiots to change it like that.


That is frustrating.
I remember there was once a time All Songs even included those in Playlists.
Thanks for the response though, I thought it may have been placed elsewhere.  All Songs was the only way I listened to music, and that workaround is not acceptable for me either.

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