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Why cant I play my local (mp3) files??

Why cant I play my local (mp3) files??

Before I begin let mw just say that yes I do have the premium subscription. I did all the steps that the website tells you to do. I can view the playlist for my local file on the mobile app (for Android), but only a few songs were downloaded, it wont let me listen to the rest. This is very frustrating because I took all the correct steps and the playlist does appear on my mobile app but I cant do anything with the songs. Anybody else having this problem? And what can I do to fix this issue. Thanks for your help 🙂
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Same problem, since I updated to Windows 10, the Android app won't download the newly added local files. The old ones are still on the phone and can be played, but the new ones are just grey and aren't downloaded on the phone

Its bogus in my opinion if Im paying $10 for Premium I should be able to listen to my mp3's as well as whats on Spotify. Like not every song I like is on Spotify yeah a good majority is but theres alotta music I love thats missing

Hey! 🙂

If you still have the problem, I found a solution for me. Maybe it works for you, too. Try to check all boxes in you Windows Firewall settings for Spotify.exe. After Windows 10 update, Spotify seems to have lost some permissions.

Thank you!


This worked for me!

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