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Why does my LG3 phone automatically download new music?

Why does my LG3 phone automatically download new music?

My LG3 Android phone is automatically downloading new songs every time Spotify updates their playlists.   I'm following certain playlists, but I'm afraid that my phone is going to run out of room--I'm down to 36% free storage.   Some of the playlists aren't even saved, and yet they're still downloading to my phone.  Do I have something set up incorrectly?   Thanks in advance for any info.

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Hey @sldl2004


Many thanks for your post in the Spotify Community. I hope you're well!


Spotify should only sync playlists that are set for offline listening. An Offline playlist will then update and resync new tracks as and when an update is made to them. If you're running low on memory, the best thing to do do is a quick reinstall. This way you can then resync just the tracks and playlists that you want to use in Offline mode.


I hope that explains things further. If you do have any questions, feel free to ask me them, i'd love to help 🙂



Thanks Jason!

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