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 Every playlist on Spotify is on shuffle, even the playlist that I play everyday called My Favorites, but today (Dec. 16) My Favorites playlist is no longer on shuffle. I tried everything before I made this post but it got even worse now it just plays the same song. I hope that fixing this problem has to deal with me getting on desktop but if so then I guess I'm Spotify-less until May.


Edit: I fixed my problem but didn't last long, all I did was hide one song in the playlist and it would go on shuffle mode but every time I bring that song back it would lose the shuffle mode.


Is there a limit on adding songs into one playlist?

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Hey @Rikkichu and welcome to the Spotify Community!


Spotify free plan lets you play playlists only in shuffle mod in mobile. If you want to read more about premium benefits, you can check this. But only playing the same song sounds a bit odd. Can you tell me more about it? Is it for a specific song of a specific playlist?

I sorted my playlist by Artist. Hoping that would help fix it, at the very top of the list it was See You Again (Ft. Charlie Puth) by Wiz Khalifa. I accidently clicked the song to play and tried clicking other song but it would only skip those songs and reply See You Again. I was going to reply that I fixed the problem but it didn't last long.

The same thing happened to me today around 2 pm eastern time U.S. , i have multiple personal playlist about 6 and 4 of them dont shuffle for a bit one of the playlist played only 2 songs and i had unlimited skips and i also can choose any song i want on these playlists

Well i just found a way to get the shuffle back i tried turning on and off my data and i got the shufdle back, note: i tried restarting my phone and deleted the app and reinstalled it and that didnt work at first

Just found out that turning on and off your data doesnt work either

Are any of them on the "Your Heavy Rotation" thing because mine is and I just though maybe that was the problem. Maybe Spotify is telling me I had enough listening to my playlist and I should listen to other playlist for now. XD

Yeah they are, but so are my other playlist and some of them i can still

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