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Why is shuffle play ALWAYS default, FORCED?


Why is shuffle play ALWAYS default, FORCED?

It is very annoying that one has to first Shuffle play a playlist and then go to the Now Playing and then tap on the shuffle icon to be able to TURN OFF Shuffle and to play the next tracks in order. This is ridiculous because we might be playing the second last track in the playlist because shuffle chose that! So come on, have it an option to shuffle play or not in the settings by default! 


Surely it would make more sense to just start a playlist in order and then choose Shuffle play if you want rather than mess it up by doing it this way. 


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I've been using Spotify for years and it never did this, coupled with the fact I've never thought about leaving Spotify untill now, I pay so don't make my decision for me. Simple as that.

I struggled a bit for some time.
Interface was so annoying I moved on to Google Music.


It's not even about the user interface. Shuffle is literally turning itself back on. It's REALLY annoying. There are occasions I have disabled shuffle three times listening to the same album because it's turned itself on while I am listening.

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