WiFi Sync causing phone to crash

WiFi Sync causing phone to crash




I have a Motorola Atrix 4G (MB860),  Running CyanogenMod7, android ver 2.3.7.  (rooted obviously)


My problem im having is with the wifi sync for spotifiy. I have two android devices, an ASUS Transformer Tablet, and my mobile phone (MB860). 


When syncing a large amount of songs to my phone, i have noticed after only a couple songs, maybe 20-30,  my phone reboots, its random and without warning, i do not get any force close messages, the phone just blanks out then restarts.


My transformer does not seem to have this issue, its running android 3.1, and i was able to sync all 1300 songs to my device in 1 shot, however its not the same for my phone, ive been trying to get all my playlists / local music over to my device for a few days now, and the rebooting just makes it a big inconvenience.



i would also like to note, i have found a temporary work around to make my phone not reboot while syncing, music must be playing on the device while syncing to stop it from rebooting. however this does cause my device to hang some times, then i do get the FC/Wait popup dialogue, which this shouldnt be, my phone has a 1.45GHz Dual-Core CPU and 1GB of RAM, i have never had an issue with this phone being slow, but this app has found a way.



So thats my problem,  i really love spotify so far, but this small issue is just killing me, especially since im paying 10$ a month to have offline play.

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