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Wifi Network - Only Downloads On Neighbors Wifi

Wifi Network - Only Downloads On Neighbors Wifi

WIthin the last 2-4 weeks I have not been able to download songs on my Android phone.  I've uninstalled the app, cleared the cache, restarted my phone and do not have more than 3,000 songs on my phone (see cleared cache above).  I read a post about someone saying they had two wifi networks and Spotify only downloads on one of them.  Feeling desperate I tried to download music on my next door neighbor's network and it worked - good news sort do I make it so it works on my Wifi?  I only use my neighbor's wifi when I'm over there.



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It sounds like you have already narrowed down the problem to your router settings. I suggest you look at those to identify a possible cause. Exanining the router's log could also help.


Off the top of my head, disable the router's firewall and turn on UPnP. If all else fails, try resetting the router to the factory settings.







it sounds like 

Thanks for the response - I failed to mention that it has worked perfectly for the last 12-18 months until a month ago.  I have not changed anything on my router since I got it or in the last month or so.  


Any other suggestions?

Yes. Restart your router then your android.

I did that but am still getting the 'Waiting to Download' message.  


Any other ideas?

Are you trying to download spotify music or local files? How much free storage do you have on your android?

I'm trying to download music on my Android for offline listening (I have a Premium account).  I have 40G of storage free on my Android phone.  

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