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Wireless settings


I am using a Samsung Tablet 3 Lite with wifi.  After palying a song or two, I ALWAYS lose my internet connection.  No other wifi devises here have this issue.  I have ATT DSL.  ATT is wondering if there are specific router settings I need to know about.  Maybe a router port needs to be opened?  Any security settings I need to make sure are correct?



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I have a tablet 3 lite with premium service.  I am using wifi to connect to the internet and I play music thru a dvd player.  I am able to play both my playlist and the radio but for only a song or two before the music stops.  The error message I receive is "You're offline.  Please connect to the internet and try again."  


When I take the same device and take it to my other business it plays flawlessly.  I have tried to disable my firewall (ZoneAlarm) and it still gives me the same message.  I have changed my router from auto to channel 11.


For years I have used an IPod suffle (no interent) and it plays flawlessly so I don't think it is the dvd player.  


I have employess that listen to music all of the time on their phones thru the same wifi without any issues.


Any ideas why the Galaxy keeps dropping the interent connection?  My feeling is it is related to either my router or firewalls.


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It sounds more likely that your device is turning off wifi when the screen sleeps. There should be a setting under android setting/wifi/advanced "keep wifi on during sleep". Set it to "always" and see if that helps.


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Indeed, since it works on other places, the problem is with your network.

Since we don't know the exact conditions of your wireless network, we can't be sure what's the cause of the problem. Try to listen to music closer to the wireless router, in the same room and next to it. Check if it works the way it should. If it works, the problem is related to the signal being too weak on the areas you've tried using your tablet, that's why it couldn't hold the connection.


Hi @opfast  . I'm merging this into your other thread in the android section. Are you still having problems?

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