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Won't let me listen offline?

Won't let me listen offline?

I have Spotify premium but all of a sudden I can't play downloaded songs offline. I've tried turning it off and on again twice, uninstalled Spotify and installed it again, then when I went to download the songs on my playlists it now says I don't have a enough space on my way phone when I know darn well that I do. Also, the few songs that did manage to download don't play offline. I've had Spotify for a couple of years and it has been fine on my phone up until the last couple of days. I'm really unhappy with this and I'm not satisfied as a customer at all. Why would I pay for premium if I can't play music offline?
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It's because of the stupidest feature have ever seen on any app period. There's a stupid switch at the top right, when looking at you listed music. So, if you accidentally hit the switch (which happens often) all of you music gets immediately deleted with no promt or anything. This is beyond frustrating when you are on you cellular data and all of a sudden you have to stream and waste data just to listen to music that you pay for. I this feature isnt fixed soon I'm switching subscriptions to one where this moronic feature isnt a thing. I cannot believe this hasn't already been fixed. Oh and also, can you fix the widget on the lockscreen already. People have been complaining about it for years now. It doesn't let you skip back and the stupid x button gets hit all the time when running and holding your phone. Another useless feature. Who at anytime needs to just shut down Spotify? If you need to stop your music, that's what the pause button is for. Pretty annoying having to open your phone, then the app to start listen to your music again

I have the same issue, I have premium account  and Spotify is not letting me listen offline. its not letting  me click any song, and the only thing that it says is: "Spotify is currently set to offline" and i have PREMIUM acount. So whats the reason of buying premium account if I can't listen to my music while I'm offline??

@monicalopezl are you saying that you have downloaded music before putting spotify in offline mode and the downloaded tracks won't play?

i had downloaded once, and it worked. But not anymore. Do I  need to download everytime I go offline?

Well, no but you do need downloaded music if you want to listen offline.

Hey @wool_tings and thanks for reaching out!


That sounds odd. Have you tried a clean re-installation of the app? You can follow this guide on how to do it 🙂


Hope this helped!



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