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Would Spotify be able to play on a 2G data plan?

Would Spotify be able to play on a 2G data plan?

Quick question guys. Right now I have an unlimited everything plan, and as such I have unlimited 4G LTE data. I stream a lot of music throughout the day through Spotify, but there's a good chance I'll have to change my plan to something that isn't unlimited and would drop down to 2G after I hit a certain cap. My question is this: will Spotify work at 2G speeds? I use Sprint by the way.

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Hi there!


I personally have a Samsung 2G, running a 1gig plan. I've been premium since late June I believe and never had any problem.


Speed-wise, no issue at all.


Data-wise, I listen to Spotify probably between 1 and 10 hours a day and never came even close to bust it. But to do that, you might have to change your habit a little.

What I do to ensure that I won't bust my plan is that I add to MY MUSIC every song or list that I would like to listen to when I am not near a wifi connection, when I go for a ride for example. Then, before I leave the wifi connection, I simply switch the "make available offline" option for the lists or songs that I want to listen to during the day, then in my settings, I switch Spotify to the offline mode.

Then you're good to go, listen to everything you want, and no data will be use whatsoever.


Let me know if my answer helped. If not, point out what won't work for you.


Have a great day!


P.S.: Now that I think of it, you probably don't even have to add the songs or lists to your music. Simply make them available offline and that should do it.

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