Wrong output device displayed and device list empty

Wrong output device displayed and device list empty







Xiaomi A1, HP ProDesk 400 G4, iMac, iPad Air, Yamaha RX-A860

Operating System

Android 8.0.1, fedora-28, iOS 12


My Question or Issue

Hello! I am new here and try Spotify since yesterday. I use the free account just to learn how to use Spotify and what sound quality I get and I found some optimization points:


Issue 1: The android app does not show me my AVR (AV-Receiver). After installation of the desktop version for fedora linux, the desktop version tells me that I need a premium account to use my AVR. This is fine. But it would be a big help if the android version tells me the same. My first assumption was that my network settings are not correct and resetted the network configuration. Such work can be avoided if I get a clear state.


Issue 2: I played from a radio playlist on my linux machine. Just before I am gone to bed, I closed the desktop app and switched the machine into sleep mode. This morning, I played some songs using my android device and the device shows me that my linux machine is currently playing. But this cannot be. The app asks whether I would like to hear via my android und I told yes. The device is playing but the output device displayed in the app is still my linux machine. - Seems to be a missing update of the current device.


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