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Wrong playlist order, very!! annoying!

Wrong playlist order, very!! annoying!

Hi Spotify,

when playing a playlist (android 6, oneplus3) from the e.g. middle, it starts from the beginning after the next track.

Example: i start a playlist at track 6. Instead of playing track 7 after track 6 it starts playing the list from track 1 to the end.

Hint: its not like that everytime. I unfortunately have no steps to reproduce it 😕

Bye and thanks,
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Oh, that is odd... and must be annoying.

I've not noticed the issue myself, so would suggest trying a clean install to make sure there are no little gremlins running around in your phone causing havoc.

Use the guide linked in my signature to perform a full clean install.

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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