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Yamaha MusicCast

Yamaha MusicCast

Hey, Spotify is always randomly cutting out on my new Yamaha RN602 and WM030 satelite speaker through MusicCast. Internet radio through the same system is stable. 70meg cable broadband, no other problems. Any ideas folks please?

3 Replies

Correct me if I'm wrong but musiccast uses spotify connect. So once you start off a playlist, the receiver is actually streaming direct from spotify's servers so it sounds like the issue lies with the receiver.


Have you tried troubleshooting it with Yamaha? Updated the firmware?

Hi thanks for that. Have mailed Yamaha, awaiting reply. It's strange because when I just Bluetooth Spotify to the reciever without using Connect it's fine. Also, Airplay, and Net Radio are fine too... Will try firmware tonight but it was up to date a few weeks ago when I first installed it. I have always been an early adopter to tech, however, part of me hankers for those halcyon days of having a simple, readily accessible massive selection of CD's and LP's! 


I'm sure we'll get there though.








I finally solved the cutting out issue. It turned out everything else was cutting out too (Airplay, Net Radio etc.) The issue was with my home WIFI. I ended up running a hard wired ethernet cable to my master unit (RN602). You shouldn't have to do that I know but hey ho the Yamaha gear was sound - in fact I had a hunch anyway as their gear has never let me down in 25 years. Now Spotify, net radio etc stream perfectly and the link to the satelite speaker in my kitchen (WX030) never drops out at all.





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