Yet another storage question (Cache)


Yet another storage question (Cache)


Okay so I've searched and checked the FAQ available and still could not find an answer to this question.


I know all about the available offline option etc. and how it takes space and how to clear it, however, it seems when you stream a track and you don't make it available offline it does get saved for a little while, I suppose it stays in some kind of cache. Is there a way to free that up on demand without touching the "available offline" content? Also, how long does it stay cached before it gets automatically purged?

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Hey there @doomritual and welcome to the community! I'm not sure of how long it stays cached, but on an android device you can often tap and hold the app icon until the edit or app settings page comes up. From there you should be able to clear that app's cache. Give that a shot. 

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