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Your desktop and android apps are hot garbage

Your desktop and android apps are hot garbage






Windows 10 ryzen 3900 2080ti, oneplus 7 pro, Samsung galaxy note 8

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Windows 10,android pie


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Your apps are hot garbage across the board. For a tech company your interfaces are trash and your app performance is worse than an ionic 1 app from 2013. Fix your UI to be useful like Google play music or **bleep**ing iTunes for God's sake. Why does it take so long for my playlists to load on my phone when they're downloaded locally??? Your apps started as diarrhea from day one and it's only gone downhill since then. Literally can't deal with your app anymore. I'll be on Google play for now until you get**bleep** together. 

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Chill mate! Perhaps you could let us know what issue you are facing besides the UI complaints?

I hit my library, and then hit a playlist. I get a loading spinner on any one of these screens that either doesn't ever actually load songs, or load my list of playlists, or it takes an inhumane amount of time. That's my primary gripe, that everything is slow. Secondary gripe is opening the app again after not having used it in some time results in a completely broken app that doesn't load anything or shows stale data and doesn't auto refresh. In this state, loading icons are abundant as well. No other streaming service I have has these issues, so it's not my device or service or wifi. 


It's just a music app!!! You have a local store, a caching layer, and streaming api! What are you guys doing to make this so janky and shitty in general? 

Hey @Bigdbag,


It sounds like you're having some issues with the app's cache memory. In this case, please try a thorough reinstallation of the app on each device you're having troubles with. You can find the steps to follow on each of your devices in this Spotify Answer.


Have a nice day.

Just wanted to chime in and second this guy's comments.  Just switched over from Google a few months ago, and I'm shocked that Spotify managed to grow so large with tech this bad.  The Andriod app performs terribly: constantly hanging; stopping in the middle of tracks; stopping at the end of tracks; not playing locally available files.  I use it across 3 Android devices from 3 different manufacturers, and have the same issues on each device.  Have reinstalled on each device, still constant issues.


Also, still no idea how the queue feature is supposed to function, it doesn't seem to follow any logic.  I'm only paying about $3.80 USD per month, but at full price the service just doesn't make any sense.  

Hey @Loganansell,


Thanks for your feedback, and sorry to hear about the troubles you've been having with Spotify.


Might we suggest that you try creating a new account and seeing if that resolves some of the issues you've described?

Given that you're experiencing these issues across multiple devices, it might be that there's an issue which is specific to your account.


Let us know how it goes! We'll be here in case you need any further help.

I will try and report back

As a follow-up, I too have had the same issues as listed above. Another huge issue, is why do I have to follow a artist to see a song that I have downloaded. Furthermore, why did you get rid of the Downloaded songs section and compile them into artists and albums which you then have to follow. This seems counter intuitive as the artist might be terrible but have a great song. Also, while offline, with downloaded songs or playlists there is a constant problem with it not loading or stopping mid song. I thought the whole point is for it to be linear and easily accessible when downloaded to my device. I have re-installed and re-downloaded all of my songs multiple times over and the problems still exist. 

Yeah this app is pathetic

Why can I NOT play any music on my desktop or android app?


zzzzzzzzzzzzzz... Yawn.

agreed. spotify is complete trash. its insane how often the app on mobile and desktop simply just doesn't work, resets it's horribly annoying settings and refuses to sync up (between desktop and mobile).

also, it has a HUGE problem updating, right now i've had to re-install and restart my desktop multiple times, just because the spotify program is completely erroring. it's so incredibly bad for the price you're paying. it's not even worth it.

There are many bugs that are in android, and the solutions that give you are the same as always. In addition there are many ideas and changes that thousands of users ask for and it seems that spotify does not care at all, almost never listen to its users. But it just so happens that on iOS these problems don't happen, and in addition many of the novelties come to them first, apparently they're afraid of the Apple Music competition, but since there's almost no competition on Android, they just ignore us.

wrong, thanks for playing.

I pay for this app and it simply doesnt do what it is supposed to. I cannot download a select few songs for no reason at all. From PC to Phone. Incredibly frustated with this useless app. Such a simple task and it just cant do it.

Unfortunately i agree too.

Update by update the app gets more troublesome, a strange looking, a worse UI/UX. The playlist/album loading is definitely a bummer. The app starts very slow thanks to some "visual enhancements" they have introduced with updates.


We want a simple looking looking, sleek, material design app that doesn't have eyesore icons within the page, that loads fast in the start or fast loading the downloaded albums.

I agree. I've been tolerating Spotify for almost 10 years and it is getting way worse. I think people would also appreciate being able to EDIT their home screens so that Spotify suggested content is not visible and only the content and artists people follow is shown. I do not want Spotify to suggest anything to me. Especially not conspiracy theory podcasts. We need a button that says "NOT INTERESTED IN THIS SUGGESTION." Additionally, the desktop app is garbage because there is no list of new episodes and content like on the mobile app where you can easily click on the bell in the top right corner to get a nice list. Easy. Simple. Why is Spotify so horrible, is it run by A.I.?🙃







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