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all my music got undownloaded and now i cant download it again

all my music got undownloaded and now i cant download it again

so the other day i notced all my saved music that i had downloaded had suddenly become not available offline even though all the albums/playlists still had the available offline option turned on. i havent been able to fix this problem at all and all i get is the waiting to download message any help would be cool this is on a sony xperia z3 compact 

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Can You specify these additional information to help You solve this problem:


Device brand:

Device model:

Device OS version:

Spotify app version:


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Me too!
Device Brand: Samsung
Device Model: S4 Mini
Device OS Version: 4.4.2
Spotify App Version:

All my downloaded music disappeared today too! :'( Not cool Spotify! We're paying for this service!

Spotify version
Device model: HTC One (HTC6515LVW)
Device OS version: Android 4.4.2

Same for me... I have a playlist of 3000 tracks which I made available off-line on my Galaxy S4 android phone and all the tracks have been downloaded when I selected "offline" yesterday. Today, all tracks appear in "grey" and are not available to play although my SD Card used space clearly indicates that the datas are "there" !!!! 

This is the 5th time I re-download this playlist and I always face the same problem ! I'm really getting fed up of this total lack of reliable premium service !

Hi @origami23

Can You please take a moment to write down these information so we can help the developers solve this problem:


- Version of Spotify:

- Current version of Android:

- Brand/Model of device:

- Date it started happening:

- Country:


Thank you!

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Its happening to me as well. Been happening for about a month now. This is really bugging me. I have a Sony Xperia. All my downloaded albums are now not available offline

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