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android dose not sync

android dose not sync

i have a galaxy s 2 and i have the ICS update and the new spotify update but its does not want to sync or register on my computer i have somehow managed to get some songs on but all the new ones appear but i cannot play them because they are apparently not "synced" how do i solve it ??? its really annoying me  

5 Replies

Ignore the syncing for the moment. Can you successfully stream any song, either over 3g or wifi?
Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

CHEV - Just taken a look at your account, and it seems that it's currently not on a Premium subscription. Do you have another account at all?
Airhorn Enthusiast

Not that I know of is that effecting it like? And yeah some of them yeah but when I add a new song to a playlist it doesn't let me play the song on my phone it says the track is unavailable 

In order to have access to the full range of features of Spotify on your phone, as well as access to playing tracks, you would need a Premium Spotify subscription. You can sign up right here.

Airhorn Enthusiast

I do not want to share them I just want to listen to them without paying I have done it for months now for free all I want is to play the songs I  have manually uploaded on to my computer but it only lets me listen to the old ones why wont it let me sync my new songs 

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