annoying Facebook ad


annoying Facebook ad


What's up with the annoying Spotify ad that opens when I open my Spotify Android app? It asks me if I would like to get suggestions for new music. There's a button "OK, thanks" and a checkbox I constantly uncheck because I don't want what is in it. Please stop bugging me with this ad. I have premium and it should be adfree.


The exact text of the ad:


Discover great music with your friend

<image of music I might like>

button: OK, thanks!

checkbox: Get personal recommendations by sending music you play to Facebook's Open Graph


Oh, and when I do not press the OK button, I get kicked out of the app and need to login again. Great work Spotify! NOT!


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I have the exact same problem, it is starting to get extremely annoying.  :smileyfrustrated:

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This really is the most annoying thing. I DONT WANT OPEN GRAPH!


I clicked the "okay thanks" button just to make the ad go away, but then it immediately started publishing all my music on my facebook profile in the 'public' setting. I keep my facebook profile locked down as tight as I can, I dont want apps sharing my data in the public domain (no matter how trivial the data is) and I certainly don't want apps sharing this info without even having the courtesy to tell me about it first. 


Spotify have messed up here, I certainly hope they will fix it soon. Considering this is a premium subscription service, these extra features should always be optional and we shouldn't get constant adverts for it if we choose to opt out. This is exactly the sort of thing that would make me cancel my subscription.


I'm giving them the benefit of doubt for this one (I've been a subscriber for two years now and this is the first time the service has ever annoyed me). Hopefully this is just a blip and they will stopping bugging us with these 'feature adverts', otherwise I'm switching to a competing service. 

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i second this, i pay to get rid of ads. this is just  bs..

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Are you guys connected to Facebook? I'm not receiving this but my account is not connected to Facebook either.


I've always considered canceling my subscription when a competitor arrives because many people I know can't sign up due to the Facebook requirement. If they suddenly start pushing Facebook to me too I'm going to cancel immediately.

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hugely annoying - i don't want to link to facebook and now i cannot use the mobile app at all.

what are you doing spotify?

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Have the same problem. And if you close down the add spotify just logs out and you have to login again.
If you login the add just comes up after a few seconds.

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have the same problem. I have payed for Spotify for several years now and now they start to force us to log in trough facebook.

This is **bleep**ing stupid and I for one will chance music streaming system asap if they dont quit it. We have one other that is good enough here in Norway so I wont think twice about it. 


They really need to sharpen up or they will loos a lot of costumers. We pay NOT to have comersal. Even on our mobilphone. 

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Having the same problem on iphone.


Really stupid - I can't get rid of it and the "cancel" button at the top of the ad doesn't work!!!???

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I have the very same problem, and find it extremly frustrating to constantly be logged out when refusing to include the facebook app.


I notice that some of you had the problem occuring for a long time ago (mine just started) - did you find a solution?


If not, I'm quitting spotify, as there are other alternatives