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are you serious?

are you serious?

so recently i  just got  a spotify premium card because after using the free app (which is inferior) i decided to check it out. So are you telling me you guys dont have song sorting, the queue, or proper shuffling on the free app so you could move to the premium app?


Are you guys **bleep**  kidding me? So basically Spotify is telling the free users if you want a more functional app go get premium and if you don't want to, go **bleep** yourselves deal with it. That sounds like a greedy way to sell your app. that is a big **bleep** you on behalf of people wanting to listen to music.


If the desktop version still has those features for free  i listed above and why the **bleep** you don't put in the  free app. You don't know how enraged i am now because of this 

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