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automatic download of songs being played

automatic download of songs being played

Hi all,


I have a quite general question regarding spotify and I cannot seem to find the answer in spotify or the internet. 

I found out that spotify is automatically downloading songs that are being played on my phone (Huawei P20 lite, Android). I checked my settings, but I cannot find a way to turn it off. I don't want to download every song I am playing. 

Does anyone know how to turn this off?




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Hi, thanks for your post! Correct me if I'm misunderstanding your question, but it sounds like this is just the normal caching process Spotify does during playback. Or are you saying these songs actually have a green downloaded icon next to them on any playlists after you've listened to them, in which case that would definitely not be normal behavior unless you've actually turned on the download toggle at the top of a playlist, album, etc.


Assuming it's just the caching that is your concern, if you are wanting Spotify to use less data, there are a couple options in the settings you might try out. One option would be lowering the streaming quality from automatic to low. Another option would be to turn on "data saver," which sets the quality to low and disables the canvas videos that play on some of the songs. Finally, you can also find an option to delete the cache from the settings and that will restore any space on your phone that has been taken up through the caching process. You'll also notice a bar in this section that shows how much space the cache is using.

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I am having the same issue and can't get Spotify to stop automatically downloading songs. I actually have the green download symbol next to the songs I listen to. It is annoying and I have played with all the settings to see if I can get it to stop doing it. Nothing has worked yet. I have turned on data saver, cleared the cache, and put download on the lowest setting since you can't turn it off. 

I'm having the same problem. Tried clearing cache, deleting offline devices, uninstalling the app, etc and nothing works

I have the very same problem with the same phone.

Everytime I press the Home button on the app, 2 albums are Saved and put in queue to download. It's everytime I press the Home button. 

Have same issue here guys. I am starting to get very angry with Spotify since I posted my issue last week without any answer from the team. I am starting to think about the cancellation of my familiar Premium signature. Tried everything without any success.

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