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bluetooth cuts with Samsung galaxy tab A

bluetooth cuts with Samsung galaxy tab A


I'd like to ask a question about Bluetooth here in this forum because Samsung's one is not very good.

If I use Spotify android app and bluetooth on any sound device (car audio system, hifi system...), I get some Bluetooth audio cuts that are long and sometimes it completely stops the audio playing.


So : do you have some tips to fix my Bluetooth?

Thanks so much.

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It's more likely to be a problem with your phone or android OS. Could you just confirm;

  1. The android version you're running
  2. Does the same thing happen with other audio apps?
  3. Does it happen if you are listening through wired earphones?

  1. I'm running android 5.1.1
  2. I do not use other audio apps to play music with my tablet...
  3. if  I'm listening through wired earphones, there's no problem 🙂


Could you try playing audio from another app over bluetooth - youtube or the stock music player - to help narrow things down.

If I play some MP3s with the app google Play music for a few minutes, I have no problem, like with Spotify app. But after a while the Bluetooth cuts come and that stops music for a short or long time.

So this is a Bluetooth issue, that's why I asked in my first post If someone could give some tips to fix Bluetooth 🙂

I wasn't sure from your first post whether it might be a spotify issue or a general problem with your device/OS. As it is an issue with your device have you searched google? I don't know what device you have but searching "android 5.1 bluetooth cuts out" throws out a lot of similar issues and suggested solutions.

Yes I have searched with google. I have clear Bluetooth process data, used awesomeplayer, that fixes it for a while and then the cuts came back.

I think the problem is with the bluetooth device/chipset or android version.

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