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brennaning and going backwards

brennaning and going backwards

I am trying to get an old Samsung smartphone to stream from Spotify to my Brennan B2 hi-fi. There is, I think, a whole essay to be written about this. First, it takes a lot of fiddling to get the phone and the Brennan linked - paired devices need to be re-enabled for audio connection every time, or something. Second, Spotify keeps jamming and I cannot reverse out or switch it off without switching off the phone. Last problem was a pop-up ad "from our sponsors" (tho I am not clear whether Google or Spotify sponsors) for Shredded Wheat. I could not continue until I had connected to it ...  couldn't connect to it at first ... then I did but when I tried to go back to play selector, just kept getting back to the Shredded Wheat link. Cannot see a Close button anywhere. Probably my fault, but maddening. Anyone got a step-by-step?

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