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bye bye spotify

bye bye spotify

After a month giving spotify a last try i decided to cancel my subscription.

Because android app is completely terrible, when i want to listen to music in my phone i dont wanna restart the app 6 times in a row because its frozen, when i want to listen to music i dont want to restar the app 10 times because its not loading my playlists.

when i listen to music in my phone i dont want to restart my phone 2 times because spotify freeze my phone (s7).

Im paying and you are forcing me to use youtube or download my music because your service is horrible.


Thanks for a lot spotify, on pc you are the master, but i have to say goodbye, call me when you fix your app.

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There are a few people with similar problems with S7 phones, perhaps try this?



  ‎2017-01-28 04:12 AM

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That's not cool. Please go to Settings > Battery > App Power Saving > Detail > (if On) Spotify > Turn off.


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