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chrome cast audio not actually supported well

chrome cast audio not actually supported well

Just another mention here about how poorly chromecast is supported by spotify. In addition to this issue which everybody seems to be experiencing, I get all sorts of other problems. Most notably, I am always needing to restart spotify on my android device (Nexus 5X android 6.0.1) when I want to connect to my chromecast audio. Here is a screen shot of what my "devices availible" tab looks like often. When I click on any of those "nearby devices" it asks me to reenter the device pin, but anything I enter is not accepted.


This seems to happen most reliably when I am listening to some music and then pause it for a while then come back to my phone to put it back on, but sometimes it happens when I get home from work and try to put something on. Almost always restarting Spotify fixes the issue, so I am fairly sure it is a Spotify issue. 


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I´ve experienced a similar issue when wifi is turned off, but if you´re on the same network of the Chromecast you should be able to see only your Chromecast and its name should display too. Hope this helps.

- FM


Thanks for the response! Unfortunately I am on the same wifi. The thing that fixes it most of the time is closing spotify and re-opening which should not effect the wifi. 


However, maybe this means they are related. IE, restarting spotify could be refreshing it's own internet connection? Next time I will try turning the wifi on and off and seeing if that has some effect. 

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