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[connect] TV not on Devices list on my phone

[connect] TV not on Devices list on my phone






Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Operating System



I'm trying to connect Spotify to my Samsung TV. However, the TV does not appear in my Devices list, but does appear on another Android phone and on my desktop. 

I am in the same newtork as the TV.

If I connect from the desktop app, the device also appears on my phone, but I have to do this first.

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Hey @bogdanc2011.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Try reinstalling the app using these instructions. And if you have a dual band router, make sure that both devices are connected to the same 2.4 Ghz network.


Try rebooting your router if it's still not working. Hope it does though! Let us know how it goes.


Have a nice day.

I did all the things mentioned and nothing worked. But I discovered that the Spotify app on the TV automatically logs in to my girlfriend's account, which I believe is somehow linked to the Samsung account.

However, it won't work even if I log out.

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