connects automatically to other units

connects automatically to other units






Sony Xperia

Operating System

 Android 8.0.0


My Question or Issue

It connects aut. to neighbours phone and starts playing their lists. Cant switch back for more then  sec. Have empties cache, turned off and on other than local networks, updated app and reinstalled, restarted phone etc. But still same problem. Please help me! Best




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Hey @TURBO2 thanks for reaching out to the community,


If you are having trouble with other people playing your music, make sure to change your password, and sign out from all devices on the home page. 




Thanks for your reply!
I have to listen to theirs:) and cant change back to my phone. My phone
pick up, I suppose, my neighbours phones and connects automatically to one
of them. Its like 2 different all the time. It always happens at home.
I will try to suggestions though, thanks!


Have tried that and still face the same problem. Any other suggestions?


Hey @TURBO2,


Thanks for getting back to us with an update.


Just to confirm, when this happens, does playback switch to your neighbour's device via Connect, or does it switch to their account?


In any case, it would be useful if you could provide us with a screenshot which illustrates the issue so that we can get a better idea of what's happening on your end.


Thanks! Keep us posted 🙂



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