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my spotify on my android pro app keeps crashing it will play the song 3/4 of the way then just shut off ( i tried a clean install and still no fix ) help

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Have you installed from Google Play (Market)?


If so try the new Beta release - check out the Spotify blog or various other threads on here for instructions on where and how

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I suffer from a similar problem on my HTC desire, especially when driving in low coverage areas. I've found that the app works flawlessly if you download your music first and then switch to airplane mode when listening.  Simply using offline mode doesn't work. Kinda' defeats the purpose of having a mobile phone tho'.

Hey -

Same question as licenced posed - Did you install from the Marketplace / Google Play? If so, you might want to install the preview version

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Yes. It's the preview version I'm using. The release version also crashed when not in Airline mode but nowhere near as frequently as the preview version does.

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