default playlist on startup? idea

default playlist on startup? idea

hi all,


most of the time when Spotify starts due to a BT connetion (ie car), the app loads ok, butg i think it doesnt know what to do,

if i havent already opened it and selected a playlist etc


so was thinking that a setting for a default play item might help?





...also when in offline mode, might need to mess about less and just get to the offline playlists 😄

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i think this could be very good

Have you checked to see if that Idea already exists in the Ideas section? If it does then add your Kudos to show your support. If not, create a new idea and if it gets enough Kudos it may well happen!


I also think the access when offline could be streamlined... check one of the ideas in my signature 🙂

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hi Daniel,

ok will do - thanks for the reply



hi - couldnt find it in ideas list - guess will have to add it 🙂


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