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different libraries

different libraries

It seems I got a really rare problem, I haven't found anything about it yet.


Although it may seem impossible, but I have some tracks on my smartphone that aren't on spotify. 🙂

Is it possible to still get them in my offline spotify playlists?

or the playlists in the other player on my phone?



I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 OS: 5.0.1 and use the App PowerAmp as Music Library on my phone.

I have Spotify premium


Hope anyone has tried it yet or can help my anyway:)

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That's the age old question haha. I don't know of any way you can do this. In fact, I had some "Non-Spotify" songs on my phone but I could never make them go offline. I'm afraid it's something we don't have the privilege of having yet.

You need to transfer them to a PC, import them into a playlist using the spotify PC application and then sync this playlist across to your mobile device.

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