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download to SD card bug, not working, broken

download to SD card bug, not working, broken






Samsung Galaxy 9 Plus

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 This is a known issue as I have read many similar threads reported by users struggling with the same problem. I set the download location to SD card and invariably the app will revert to saving songs to internal storage to include moving all files prevbiously dl to sd. The suggestions for fix are generallu: clear cache, uinstall, reinstall, etc. I've tried every variation and the problem persists. In my final attempt I followed the following steps:

force stop

clear cache and all data



removing all offline devices from spotify account via web

allow storage permisiion before opening app for 1st time

format SD card

set storage location to sdd card

download songs


24 hrs later app is set to internal storage

This will drive a man insane :)! Not knowing when the app will take control of my device and proceed to fill up my internal storage which is the reason I have an sd card in the first place. I spend more time checking the app settings than I do enjoying music.

The goal for me is to manage both wifi and mobile data and have music available to me for the rare occasions I am offline aka air travel. This is also the reason I am on a premium subscription.

I am a long time spotify user. Otherwise, I like the app a lot, especially the interface when compared to the competition but this is a deal breaker and I don't undertsand why spotify is having such a hard time responding.


On similar streaming services: Netflix, Amazon Video, Amazon Music I set the download location to sd card and it functions flawlessly 


Is there a fix or solution I haven't tried?


Any help is appreciated. I want to support Spotify for their work but if I cannot get this resolved I need to unsubscribe



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This morning I restarted my phone and spotify proceeded to download 3 gb of music to internal storge, music that was previously on the sd card.


I solved this problem by following these steps:


force close spotify

delete cache and data

uninstall app

cancel spotify premium

download library using Amazon Music

Heh, this is exactly the same solution I'm considering after being a premium user for years... 

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