galaxy watch app shutdown


galaxy watch app shutdown

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I am very dissapointed at spotify in galaxy watch. You say that please make sure that you have the latest updates installed.. HAVE YOU EVEN ONCE UPDATED SPOTIFY APP IN GALAXY WATCH ??


To the problem itself.



I cannot close the app, it dains very much battery even if it is not playing. When i close all the other programs etc. running, the app does not close, it keeps running somewhere in the background. HOW DO I CLOSE IT? It doesnt close even when i restart the watch, not even if in force shutdown it with my galaxy phone. How i ask you, by uninstalling it? hah, quite a easy way to close app, just uninstall and reinstall.


And when it freezes, as it often does, restart does not help but i have to uninstall and reinstall. AND that causes that i have to download all the lists again, very fun to do this at least 20min taking job when you thought that hey, i´ll go running now and listen music.

2. Please make a option to do a shortcut to spesific playlist

3. You are aware that playlist downloading can be quite a task dont you?


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And a option to change playlist sorting in galaxy watch spotify app. Hate to scroll everytime 200 song to get  the new one.


Sorting it in spotify on computer, android or web does not help this, need it on the galaxy watch spotify app.