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getting my account on my phone

getting my account on my phone


I signed up for a trial free account. I downloaded the app on my Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge and it connected to my husbands spotify account. I have installed/uninstalled the app numerous times but it always connects with his. Any info appreciated on connecting to my own account please.

Thanks Cathy 






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Hello @CH101 ,

Thanks for reaching out to the community!


Can you provide me with some more information?

  1. Have you tried logging out from Spotify and logging back in with your account credentials?
  2. Are you both using the same email address?

Looking forward to your reply,

Thanks in advance!



Thanks for your email and apologies for late reply, just going through my
emails now. I did get this problem resolved, eventually found the live chat
thingy and was helped successfully there.

Regards Cathy

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