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google now, locked device, not working

google now, locked device, not working


I want to use google now to change spotify track while my device is locked in my pocket.
I tell "ok google, please play daft punk with spotify"
-answer form google now: "okay, we will tell spotify to play daft punk".

But it doesn't do anything, until I UNLOCK the device, then daft punk start playing.

Any idea ?

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What's tomplay?  It's your device, it doesn't give permissions to do certain things while locked, call them and complain about it.

*to play, sorry for the typo

Any solution, workaround ? I'm root and have xposed, I have tried "show when locked" using appsetting without result

I'm having the same problem, but now it won't even work when it's unlocked. It opens Spotify to the artist I request, but won't press play. This worked until a week or two ago. Google Pixel

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