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Spotify App wants total control

Spotify App wants total control

Something has changed in this app.  When I stop a song, I noticed that the next time the phone connects to my car stereo, or bluetooth headphones at work, it automatically starts playing again.  If I clear the app from "recent items", that does not stop it.   It keeps playing.  I then see it in the notification area.  There is no X symbol to close it there.  I can't slide it off, to the left or right, like most normal apps, to remove it.  It will however, after MANY repeated trys at closing it, finally provide an X on the app in the notification area, and then I can close it, and it stops auto-playing.  I don't particularly care for apps that take away MY control.  I've uninstalled it and closed my account.  Let me know when they fix this problem.  I may reopen my account.

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Spotify tends to automatically plays music once it connects to a bluetooth device because it thinks you want to listen to music, but this only occurs if Spotify is open in the background and has not been stopped or closed completely. Your second issue occurs to me too, it sometimes tends to wander off and keep playing music without knowing that the app is closed already. The solution to this problem is opening the app again and then pressing the home button and then closing it from the recents. This should be the solution because this way it basically "pokes the app back to conscience".


Hope this helped!!

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