how can i delete spotify playlist from my iphone?

how can i delete spotify playlist from my iphone?

i have 3 playlists each one including about 100 songs for offline listening on my iphone.


i have 1.5 gb free space.

and i choose on main window. and chose red minus . and deleted one of the playlists. and done.


i checked th free space again. and it s still 1.5 gb.


how can i delete playlists permanantely from my iphone?


thank u

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Hi, and welcome to the community!


If you toggle the offline selector to off it should delete the songs (I think).

On iOS as well though, there is an auto memory detector which automatically deletes offline tracks when the memory goes below a certain amount.

The only guaranteed way to delete them is to do a clean reinstllation of Spotify unfortunately.


Anthony 🙂

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