issue with widget/notifications


issue with widget/notifications


Hi there,


there is a problem with the spotify widget.


If I start spotify and go back to the startscreen with the spotify widget (or other widgets, which can show the cover informations), then everything works fine for two or three songs. Then the widget stops working and shows the last played song.


I found out, that at the same time the spotify logo in the notification bar is vanishing.


I tried it on an Honor 8 (Android6), on an Asus tablet (Android6) and with an Odys tablet (Android5). The same issue on all three devices.


It happens if spotify is running on the device with spotify playing the music and if it is only showing the widget (if played by desktop and only visualized by tablet widget).


I checked all notification rights and energy functions. No taskmanager installed (except the original).


Other notifications stay visible (i.e. mail, lights on), so it has to be a issue of the spotify app. It is still playing music, but it stopps notifying it after a few songs (or minutes).