keeps crashing galaxy s3

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Till yesterday  it worked smoothly. I didn't do any updates, but when I tried to start it this morning  it showed me the black screen for a second and closes. I tried to update it, but it didn't help at all... it keeps  working normally on my Tab S


any thoughts ?

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Happening to me today
Now add to queue is gone.....
Scared to reinstall, my luck I wouldn't get to finish this album, itd be lost in some dark corner of a forgotten closet in the farthest reaches of the net.........

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Hey guys


Thanks for your posts. I'd love to help.


First of all, how many devices do you have showing when you login at Does removing these devices, reinstalling Spotify and then resyncing your tracks to offline mode help?


Keep me posted.

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I removed the cache and data and it was enough. I wanted to avoid it not to download all my offline playlists again, tough luck 🙂

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That's great to hear.


Let me know if there's anything else that I can help with 🙂


Have a great weekend!