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latest Android app randomly stops playback

latest Android app randomly stops playback

Hi -- I'm running the latest Android app on a Galaxy Nexus (GSM) with (stock) Android 4.0.4, and Spotify is frequently stopping playback for no apparent reason. The "currently-playing" track will stay in the notification bar as if it's stil playing, but the Spotify app will show no song playing. I can generally restart playback by tapping a song in the app, but sometimes I have to restart the phone before playback will resume. 


Is anyone else seeing this behavior? It's making Spotify unusable. 



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YES! Its making working out in the gym miserable. I cant make it more than 30 seconds with having to restart playback on my playlist. Its terrible that I pay for this sort of bug to be happening for so long. I've been struggling with this for weeks it seems.


Any Spotify employees want to comment with troubleshooting tips or if they are working on this bug that makes their app unusable?? Please help us.

Depressingly it keeps happening to me too. If I switch between WiFi and 3G it usually stops without the need for a reset.

On mine it's because spotify is running out of memory, doesn't happen on downloaded tracks or if I have more than 200MB of space.


Once they allow me to save downloaded music to my 16gb SD I will be happy.

I have all my music on ext sdcard by installing old version first then upgrade...I get the same issues music stops randomly after say 30 secs. Have you all logged with spotify?  more that log higher priority...The software is very poor I only stay for the songs but have thought about leaving

I'm seeing the same problem, and I've contacted Spotify support about it. Hopefully this will be fixed soon! 

I canceled at the end of my trial, as this was happening to me during my entire trial. I had a stock Galaxy Nexus, and during that month, went from 4.0.2 to 4.0.4. I was hoping to see it fixed over that one month period, but apparently such an easy fix is beyond the devs. I wasn't seeing any value from Premium. The sad thing is, I canceled by grandfathered Grooveshark account that was only $3/mo, because I was so wowed by the great UI. Guess I'll just be saving that $3/mo now as well and be using 8tracks. 


One thing you might want to try is to try turning off Crossfade tracks and Gapless Playback. That might get things running smoothly again.
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Nope -- turning of crossfade and gapless doesn't make any difference. 


I'm frustrated that Spotify doesn't seem to feel any urgency around fixing such core functionality in its service. 

I get this all the time on my Galaxy Nexus, across several ROMs and with full wipes every reinstall. It's an app issue, and I'm sick of Spotify not giving a **uh-oh** about it.

I was able to try this before my account lapsed, but it did not work. Thanks anyway. I am now using Slacker. It's not as pretty or as Spotify, nor does it allow me to select the actual songs, but it's 40% of the price and it works on my Galaxy Nexus. 


What's sad is that, even on Wifi and with offline playlists, I had this problem with Spotify. You'd think that with offline playlists, there would be no reason for the music to stop, except maybe once in a blue moon if it's been weeks since it was able to check that the account was still active.

I've been trying to get Spotify support to react for the past two month without success. I recon their support is just a "firewall" and have no actual was of communicating upwards. This error is all over the forums, their facebook page, android app store and more and 9 weeks have past since the new version. They wont even give me the old version or my money back.


Also made these three clips:


As you can see it happens when the phone switches between 3G and H. Which happens quite randomly therefor making this error seem random.

Hm, I'm pretty sure that the switch between 3G and HSPA isn't the only reason for this problem, because it also happens while I'm connected to my wifi at home. So I guess there are several bugs which cause this short change to offline mode. Maybe that's why it takes so much time to fix it...

It's strange that you didn't get an answer from Spotify support - did you use the contact form?

They told me that they are aware of the problems and are trying to fix them for the next release. Not really the answer I had hoped for, but at least they don't deny the problems anymore.

Has this been fixed yet? I found another thread where people were talking about something that sounded very similar, so I doubt it.

Same problem here. Fix for me is toggling data on/off. However, data is working fine while Spotify stops played (can still browse and do whatever else). Very annoying!

I am still having this exact same problem... I have searched the internet for days trying to find a solution but haven't found any. I'm  also on a galaxy nexus. It really sucks because I wanted to keep spotify but if it isn't fixed in the next week I am going to cancel my account before I get charge for the next month.

Happening to me too, Galaxy nexus on 4.1.1 with the latest version of Spotify.  I had already cancelled my premium membership once, but renewed it when they added the Radio feature for mobile, and now it's doing this stupid pausing crap all the time.  I'm getting tired of having to manually hit pause/play between each song to get it to start playing again.

I'm too are having the same problems. I've contacted spotify support.


I'm using Spotify on Galaxy S3. I can set the phone in flight mode and it will play my songs fine but it will interrupt my plays if I set Spotify in Offline mode without flight mode on. This is, as you would guess, downloaded songs and playlists.


I'm paying for this **bleep**. Have it fixed. I can't go the gym, relax on the beach or put on music and drive my car uninterrupted.


Hundreds and/or probably thousands of people are having these problems and posted on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and your forums. 


While you are at it, give us an option to select storage for downloaded playlists.

Perhaps they don't want it to work properly.  After all, they can charge $9.99 for us to download to the device, but only $4.99 to stream the songs.


Seems like it is to their advantage for the app to be unreliable.  Sad, but true.

I just want to update that I tried Spotify again on my Galaxy Nexus, this time with 4.1.2 and it's working. I had to do the uninstall and change my password on the website procedure.


EDIT: Using Bugless Beast Verizon-release 4.1.2 ROM

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