mp3 file on phone

mp3 file on phone

I am trying to get an mp3 file dowload to play on my account, I followed all the steps described here and it works for playing the song file on my computer but it will not play on my android phone. I'm not sure what the problem is

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Hi. Normally is the other way around in most cases. Where did you get the mp3 file? Is it from iTunes?

Could you try upload another mp3 different file to your phone and check if it plays ok?, cause maybe we should get to know that if it's something that happens with just one specific mp3 file or with all of them.

I cut the mp3 file from a youtube video, its a song for my favorite band that they just released but isnt avaliable on here yet, I've got the mp3 downloaded on my computer and my phone

Ok. Could you try with another mp3 file from any other source and check that it can be played on your android device?

Not sure where eles I could get it from, they literally released the song today, but I'll look around and see, the problem may very well be that it was cut from a youtube video

ok well it doesnt appear as if that was the problem, I did find another mp3 and that one did not play on my phone either

Ok.So you did uploaded the file to your phone. Tell me, can you see the time running in the player? like if the file is muted? Or it remains in 00:00.?

Just to check, this is a premium feature... Are you a premium subsciber?


If so, there's a section in the below linked guide to troubleshoot syncing local files to your android device. One thing to note is a few people are experiencing trouble at the moment ad it is believed to be an issue with the latest Android app. Currently under investigation

[COMPLETE GUIDE] How to fix most Android issues

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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Android Troubleshooting:
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I am a premium suscriber, I think I will try and read some of those and see if they don't help, if nothing else works it could be that i'm one of the ones having Android troubles. The song I'm trying to get is brand new and part of my favorite band's new album, if nothing else I suppose I could just wait for the new albul to become avaliable on Spotify

the file will not play at all on my phone, if i play it on my laptop it shows up on my phone but it says I'm listening to another device and asks if I want to continue listening to it or on my phone, even if i hit continue the sound doesn't come through on my phone

Ok. Could try reinstalling the app?. Have you checl you have enough storage on your phone. What android device are we talking about?

It's a droid razar mini. I think I will try reinstalling the app and see if that makes a difference

That did not work either

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