no internet again and again


no internet again and again

Casual Listener

Hi all I'm just about ready to chuck it in and get my cd's back on of the attick


I use my galaxy s4 via wifi (which is stable) I connect my bluetooth to my sound system, it plays a few tracks then stops and displays no internet.


I tried it on my galaxy tablet and the same issue


I tried it on my old ipod and never had a problem


I have followed every how to on here on clear cash ect ect ect still no joy 


well after deinstaling and reinstalling again tonight I've had enough of this crap, spotify get it would on android or I'm of back to youtube and my cd's


arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr why do we have to put up with this after all we are paying, if it was free then fine



ps before someone says then use your ipod the screen is way to small