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note 5 "this song is not available"

note 5 "this song is not available"

This problem is driving me crazy.  Any help would be much appreciated.


Spotify works fine on my computer and has always worked on my other mobile devices.  I have a Premium subscription, and records of the money being taken out of my account consistently every month.


I switched to a Samsung Note 5 in February, and within the last month have been having an ever-increasing problem with not being able to play songs - they show up on search, but when you try to play them an error message pops up saying "this song is not available."  The same songs work on my computer 100% of the time.


Tried to uninstall and reinstall Spotify, that didn't change anything.  When I login, I get a brief (less than one second) error message saying 'something went wrong' but then it shows up as logged in under my account.  I log in through facebook (would love to be able to not do that!) and when I do, it always tells me "you have already authorized spotify."


All I have been able to play for the last almost full month is the 130 songs on my Starred playlist.  PLEASE HELP!

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Update:  Initially on reinstall, the problem continued.  However it appears to have gone away as soon as I posted this message!  Will not be surprised if it reappears later on.  Would love to know the root cause still.

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