offline playlists noy downloading


offline playlists noy downloading

I have a premium account, however less than a fifth of my offline playlists can be played off line despite clicking downloaded. In instances where ive made playlists with a range of different artists, only a few songs download. Otherwise whole albums will download while others won't at all. I'm using a Google nexus 4. Ive tried logging out on my laptop and app, reinstalling the app, however it doesn't work. I dont believe this is a space issue as I had a large amount of space and which has not yet been used.<br>Sarah
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Re: offline playlists noy downloading

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Did you tried changing the download quality? Sometimes that can fix it.

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Re: offline playlists noy downloading

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Since this issue is primarily on a Google Nexus 4 I'm going to pop this over into the android section. 


Just to confirm:

- If the nexus 4 has internal and external storage (sd card), Spotify is saving to the correct one? (It will only store to one location, whichever has the most free space when the cache is created).

- You haven't synched more than 3,333 tracks on that device already?



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