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opening songs with URI







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How can I launch a song with a URI.  Currently, when I open a URI link, the spotify app opens, but it does not bring me to the song.

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(same reply as on other thread, to raise awareness)

Playlist URIs are bugged, but user URIs are fine. It's specifically the Spotify URIs not the URLs that lead to a black screen. 


This isn't just for NFC, if you try using a Spotify URI using Tasker or NFC, it yields the same problem, just a black empty screen that never loads, which is the same error that occurs when you submit an invalid Spotify URI, for example: "spotify:uuuu", the same black screen comes up.  (I've tried entering the URI into a web browser on my phone, Chrome and Samsung, and I can't check if that works, as it automatically googles it).

So, it seems like playlist URIs on Android (they work perfectly fine on the latest version of Chrome) are being lost right now, and are treated in the same way as typical URI code errors.

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